Welcome Address

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We would like to welcome you to the 3rd Science of Hepatitis B Cure Symposium to be held from 8 and 9 June 2018. Since the discovery of the “Australia Antigen” by Baruch Bloomberg in 1963 and then the hepatitis B virus (HBV) in 1970 by David Dane, much has been learned about the virus, but we are still some way from “curing” hepatitis B. The great successes of the direct acting antiviral agents (DAA) in curing hepatitis C has re-invigorated the hepatitis B field. New targets for drug development in hepatitis B has already resulted in over 20 different novel therapeutic agents entering clinical trials.  This is a very exciting time to be involved in hepatitis B and in this meeting, we have assembled expert researchers who are able to provide insights into strategies and mechanisms that may lead to a cure. Of course, this meeting also discusses what is meant by “cure” and how current and future therapies are likely to achieve this. We will also update you on an exciting new initiative designed to coordinate global efforts to cure hepatitis B. The International Coalition to Eliminate Hepatitis B Virus (ICE-HBV) is an international, independent and neutral initiative aiming at promoting awareness and education on HBV as well as driving changes in government policy to ensure that funds are channeled towards HBV cure research and drug development. ICE-HBV will be an evidence-based coalition of scientific working groups on HBV virology, immunology, innovative tools and clinical trials who work together with patients and other stakeholders to accelerate research towards an HBV cure. We will also be including an industry symposium to hear the latest agents for HBV and end with a forum on how to combine agents in combination to achieve a cure. This meeting caters to clinicians, researchers, scientists and students who are interested in how a “cure” of HBV may be achieved. I would strongly encourage all those interested to attend and participate in this exciting meeting, with state of the art talks by prominent researchers in the field.

Professor Seng Gee Lim
Singapore Hepatitis Conference

Professor Stephen Locarnini
Divisional Head, Research & Molecular Development
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory

Director, WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for Hepatitis B
Doherty Institute (University of Melbourne)

Associate Professor Peter Revill
Research and Molecular Development
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory
President, Australasian Centre for Hepatitis Virology,
Executive member, Australian Center for HIV and Hepatitis Virology (ACH2)